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A revolution in digital investment

Silvero - one of the first regulatory compliant security token generating a stable 6% p.a. profit for its investors.


Security Token

Silvero is a digital representation of the loan to Silverside and will be launched on the BitPolis platform. Silvero and other tokens available on BitPolis will be fully regulatory compliant under Swiss legislation and holding the approval from FINMA.

Generating income for token holders

Silvero offers a unique opportunity in the blockchain world being one of first security tokens generating regular and stable return to its owners. The income will be based on already existing  and performing business. Investors can expect the return of up to 6% p.a.

Silverside - proven track record

Silverside, a subsidiary of Arca Capital, is EU based company established in 2015 in Slovakia focusing on CEE consumer finance markets. With the granting of the license from the regulatory authority (NBS) it is allowed to operate on strictly regulated  market. The company has demonstrated a successful track record with more than 39 mil.€ of loans provided to its customer to this date.

Use of investor capital

All development, infrastructure and advisory costs are already covered by Arca Capital. Proceeds from fund raising will be used solely for Silverside’s core commercial operations.

Expertise and advisory

The team has deep and comprehensive experience in blockchain development and financial investments. We are closely cooperating with PwC Switzerland,  together with other advisors from all around the world. 

Trading and redemption

Initially Silvero will be traded on internal decentralized exchange which will be a part of BitPolis platform. To support the two way capital flow, investors will have an option to redeem the invested capital . In the future we plan to list Silvero on  3rd party  security token exchanges.

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See your investment appreciation

This tool calculates the appreciation of your investment during the holding period. Fill-in the investment amount and the period you plan to invest to see the increase of Silvero net asset value.

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Within the first half of 2019 BitPolis is launched including our revolutionary security token Silvero.


Arca Capital decided to prepare the digital platform for a new era in investment. We have created basic outlines of the project.

Business model

Prepared preliminary analysis together with the sustainable business model.

Marketing strategy

Our marketing specialists prepared thorough market insights and marketing strategy.

Regulatory compliance and blockchain

In Q4 we visited representatives of PwC Switzerland to launch cooperation and embed the project into the regulatory environment. The IT team continued upgrading and customizing new generation of DPoS blockchain.

Platform development

BitPolis web page is launched in January. Subsequently, BitPolis Android application will be available.

Silvero and BitPolis launch

During Q2 IOS application will be available and Silvero token sale will launch. At the end of Q2 Silvero tokens will be distributed.


Silvero by BitPolis

Digital investment platform for managing your security tokens and traditional investment portfolio in the most secure and intuitive way.

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